Employment Solutions

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Employment Network (EN)


Our EN staff offers SSI and SSDI beneficiaries the best quality information and support to smoothly transition off disability benefits and into meaningful employment at a sustaining level.

As part of the Social Security Administration’s Ticket to Work and Self-Sufficiency Program, the EN addresses both short-term job acquisition and long-term employment support at no cost to either the applicant or the employer. The EN team includes a Transition Age Youth Specialist to help young people seamlessly move from childhood and school to adulthood, employment and independent living.

Employment Services Include:
  • Benefits Counseling on Work Incentives and Benefits (3 Certified Community Work Incentive Coordinators on Staff)
  • Career Consulting: Portfolio Prep, Resume Writing, Interview Skills, Assessments, and Job Development
  • Financial Management Skills Training
  • Job Search and Placement
  • Low-income Savings/Asset Building Programs
  • On-the-job Situational Assessment
  • Partnerships with Area Agencies and Business
  • Support from Local Mental Health/DD Agencies
  • Transition Age Youth Employment Program



Theresa Scherer

Employment Network Director

(573) 756-4314, ext. 25

or (800) 596-7273, ext. 25