Assistive Technology

assttechAssistive Technology refers to any adaptive product, device or modification that increases independence by helping people perform tasks that they formerly either could not accomplish or had great difficulty accomplishing. The program includes a wide range of equipment, including environmental controls, computer access devices, augmentative communication devices, hearing devices, visual aids, and home modifications.

Durable Medical Equipment Loan Program

We loan out a variety of new and used durable medical equipment on a short-term basis. If you need to borrow equipment that you cannot find or afford, or if you have gently used equipment to donate, please contact us.

Telecommunications Access Program (TAP)

The TAP-T for telephones and TAP-I for internet programs help those who have difficulty using traditional telephone and/or computer equipment.

rampRamps and Home Modifications

For those who qualify, we can assist in building ramps and/or making home modifications for a safe and accessible home environment.




Aaron Luna

Independent Living Program Manager

(573) 756-4314, ext. 27

or (800) 596-7273, ext. 27